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Messina, “Gate of Sicily”, has always been a city with a commercial character. It was founded by the Greeks who gave it the name of “Zancle” (sickle) linked to the shape of its port. Later it was conquered by the Romans, then by the Byzantines, the Arabs and, finally, by the Normans.

It is the Sicilian town closest to the Italian Peninsula and well connected to it by a ferry system.


Taormina – International tourist center at about 200 meters above sea level, is famous for its beautiful natural landscape, the beauty of the sea and its artistic heritage.

The birth of this important island tourist center is linked to the arrival, in 358 BC, of some Greek refugees from the nearby city of Naxos, an ancient Greek island colony previously conquered by Dionysius I of Syracuse. From this origin came the name Tauromenion, which later evolved into the current one. The history of this important town continued with the conquest of various dominations, Arabs, Swabians, Gauls and Bourbons.

The particular conformation of the territory makes Taormina look like a large terrace enriched by a beautiful panoramic view in which the nearby volcano Etna stands out in a powerful way. Tourism is active all year round, facilitated not only by the cultural and natural beauty, but also by a good system of accommodation and recreation and the typical Sicilian human warmth.


Savoca, a village perched on a rocky hill, is also called “town of seven faces” and “fierce land of galliards ingenuity. A city of art, since 2008 it has been part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy. In its territory there are monumental buildings of medieval Renaissance and Baroque origin. It preserves, in its historical centre, the ruins of an ancient medieval synagogue, transformed into a civil residence after 1470.

It is also famous for the crypt in which are kept and exhibited 37 mummified corpses belonging to patricians, lawyers, notaries of the country dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and, for being chosen as the set of numerous films of great success, including the Godfather of Francis Ford Coppola in 1972 and The Stolen Life of 2007.

This is how the main tourist attraction of this charming village, over time has become the bar Vitelli, at the entrance of the country, where he entered to drink something the protagonist of “The Godfather” Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino.


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