Etna – Taormina – Messina

From the highest volcano in Europe to the Pearl of the Ionian Sea: an enchanting tour between Nature and Art

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Messina, “Gate of Sicily”, has always been a city with a commercial character.

It was founded by the Greeks who gave it the name of “Zancle” (sickle) linked to the shape of its port. Later it was conquered by the Romans, then by the Byzantines, the Arabs and, finally, by the Normans.

It is the Sicilian town closest to the Italian Peninsula and well connected to it by a ferry system.



International tourist centre at about 200 meters above sea level, it is famous for its enchanting natural landscape, for the marine beauties and for its artistic heritage.

The birth of this important island tourist center is linked to the arrival, in 358 BC, of some Greek refugees from the nearby city of Naxos, an ancient Greek island colony previously conquered by Dionysius I of Syracuse. From this origin came the name Tauromenion, which later evolved into the current one.

The history of this important town continued with the conquest of various dominations, Arabs, Swabians, Gauls and Bourbons.

The particular conformation of the territory makes Taormina look like a large terrace enriched by a beautiful panoramic view in which the nearby volcano Etna stands out in a powerful way.

Tourism is active all year round, facilitated not only by the cultural and natural beauty, but also by a good system of accommodation and recreation and the typical Sicilian human warmth.


Etna is the volcano that is located on the east coast of Sicily, between Catania and Messina. It is the highest active volcano on the European continent and one of the largest in the world. Its height varies over time due to its eruptions, but is currently around 3,340 m., and its diameter is about 45 km. Etna was born from underwater eruptions that, in quaternary times (about 500,000 years ago), also form the plain of Catania, first occupied by a gulf.

The volcano always keeps its plume of smoke and can at any time enter into activity.

Around it there is a park, established in 1987, covering an area of 59000 hectares. The mountain looks like a huge black cone, visible within a radius of 250 km. At its base, extremely fertile, thrive numerous crops of oranges, tangerines, lemons, olive trees, agaves, prickly pears, as well as banana trees, eucalyptus trees, palms, pine trees and vines from which wine is produced


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